No matter what others think, there is money to be made online. There are many business models that you can work with and work for and your income will be limited only by the work you do. This quick guide will introduce you to ways to make money online and help you decide which option is best for you.

Let’s get started.

  1. Independent activities

There are thousands of online businesses today that are committed to hiring skilled and talented people. People who can design, write, edit, code and teach are often what they want. A person who is competent and skilled in these fields can easily find a job online. Most of the time businesses provide project-based, part-time, and full-time work.


It is easy to get a job and there are hundreds of job opportunities to choose from. You also have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere you want as long as you complete the task assigned to you.

Your income is determined by the amount of time and hard work you do. In contrast, for most office work, but not all, salaries and wages do not change.


You work for an internet administrator. You have to answer to someone. If you are not a fan of working for someone that may not be yours.

Another argument is isolation. The office manager may be the worst person you ever had but you were able to put up with it because of your friends. Now remove the friends and leave the manager in the middle. Sounds a little sad, doesn’t it?

  1. Creating an Authorized Domain or Niche Domain

First and foremost, let’s separate the two:

Official web sites have proven their expertise on the world wide web. This means that many respected people on the Internet consider it a “go” website because of their service or product.

Niche sites on the other hand are websites that contain and refer to only one niche, one specific topic throughout the blog.

Where does Earning Money online fit into all of this? How to make money online by creating a website to make money with it.

a. Monetize using Google AdSense

Many people have made thousands of dollars with Google AdSense. However, it is really difficult to be approved by Google. Your website must require 16-25 quality articles to be approved. Although authorization is not a guarantee of monetization. Visitors to your site should also click on Google ads. If ads are used and placed correctly, you can earn a large amount of money.

b. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing promotes third-party products and services on your site. Basically you advertise their products and you get a commission when a site visitor buys your product.

c. Membership website

Creates a website full of content and quality products available only to members. One can only have full access to your website to pay you a membership fee (which you will stop). This is a good business model because it is repetitive (members pay their monthly bills) and will earn money long after you finish the website.


You can create a recurring income and live the life you have always wanted. Sky is the limit where we talk about the potential investment in creating Authority sites and Niche sites. This is because revenue will only be limited to the time, effort, communication, and revenue you put into the websites you own. If you put more blood, sweat and tears into websites, the website will be more effective. Certainly, more success = more money.


More research, promotions, money and time should be invested in creating an Authority site or Niche site. You will also reach the learning curve as you need to learn many things, such as online language jargon, methods and techniques, copyright, online legal issues and much more.

  1. Selling Your Product \ Service

“The people who make the MOST MONEY are the creators and sellers of the product. Everyone in the middle works for them.”


There is nothing better than being the “source” of a quality product. It could be Ebook, Podcast, Magic Toolbox, Furniture, T-Shirt and more. As long as you are sure that what you are selling is VERY GOOD, then sell the heck about it online!

Create a way for people to find your product – create a website or sell it on a website. Start from there and build your business a bit.


When your product leaves, you will have what everyone wants – Passive Income.


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